Creative Work


Finding H.F., a play adapted from the Lambda Award-winning novel, Finding H.F. by Julia Watts (adaptation was co-written with Watts) (first staged reading of the play was held in November, 2015 at Agnes Scott College, directed by Amanda Lee Williams)


“Thinking/Showing” Exhibit (mixed media, drawings, digital film), Dalton Gallery, Agnes Scott College (curated by Jeffrey Whittle), Spring 2014.


Even Now (a digital short)


As I Appear in the Photograph,” storySouth, 31 (Spring 2010).

“On the Occasion of Our Sixth Year Together,” The Connecticut Review, XXX (2008): 151. (reprint)

“When to Be Concerned Your Prince Might Become a Frog.” Eclipse 19 (2008): 203.

“G.I. Joe: A Grammar Lesson.Art Times 24 (2008): 17.

“To the Frog Prince, a Melodrama: Sonnet Form.RiverSedge XXI (2008): 23.

“On the Occasion of Our Sixth Year Together.The Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review (Winter 2007): 68.

“Reminded.Blue Mesa Review 20 (Fall 2007): 67.

“Upon Viewing Thomas Eakins’ Arcadia.Oregon East XXXVIII (2007): 87.

“My Father’s Death from Brain Cancer.The Yalobusha Review XII (2007): 30.

“Having Forgotten Most of the Story.” Illuminations: An International Magazine of Contemporary Writing 23 (2007): 15. (reprint)

“The Last Visit to Your House.” Illuminations: An International Magazine of Contemporary Writing 23 (2007): 14. (reprint)

“Having Forgotten Most of the Story.” The Pikeville Review 2006/2007: 32.

“The Professor Selects an Ideal Student.” The Pikeville Review 2006/2007:33. (reprint)

“Four O’Clocks.” Pennsylvania English 28 (2006): 65.

“The Last Visit to Your House.” Pennsylvania English 28 (2006): 66.

“The Professor Selects an Ideal Student.” Flyway 10 (2006): 34.

“The Lengths of Things.” Watchword: Nine (2006): 11. (reprint)

“Love Letter Two Years Late.” Watchword: Nine (2006): 10. (reprint)

“Thematically Speaking, Colonialism is a Lot Like Tourism.” Water-Stone Review: a Literary Annual 9. (Fall 2006): 45.

“Forget Your Wings, Mademoiselle Angel.” Fox Cry Review XXXII (Fall 2006): 19.

“The Letter I Will Never Send to Paul.” Hawai’i Pacific Review 20 (2006): 14.

“After Finding Your Last Letter.The Wisconsin Review 40 (Summer 2006): 87.

“Reluctant.Zone 3 XXI (Spring 2006): 72.

“Love Letter Two Years Late.Center: A Journal of the Literary Arts 5 (2006): 18.

“The Lengths of Things: a Parable in Prose Verse.” California Quarterly 31 (2005): 7.

“Fernandina Beach.The Kennesaw Review: an Online Literary Journal  (Fall 2004). (Don Russ Poetry Prize Winner)

“I Forbid You, Milton Avery, to Dispute Me.” The Oregon Review 3 (Spring/Summer 2001): 60.

“Disappearing Act.” Wild Turkey: a Literary Review (Spring 1995): 50.

Poems also appearing in The Panhandler; Borderlands: The Texas Poetry Review; The Imploding Tie-Dyed Toupee; Cicada; Streetlight; and The Austin Writer.


Original Work (writing and directing): “Opus Noel,” Prince Edward Academy

One-acts: “Approaching Lavender”; “Juvie”; “The Zoo Story”; “Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All for You”; “No Snakes in this Grass”; “Suppressed Desires”

Full-length plays/excerpts: Biloxi Blues; The Owl and the Pussycat; Greater Tuna; Chapter Two; Crimes of the Heart


Wanda’s Monster, Agnes Scott College, Decatur, GA

The Diviners, Live Arts Theatre, Summer Festival, Charlottesville, VA

AntigoneLive Arts Theatre, Charlottesville, VA

“I Never Saw It Coming,” for VIVA (Youth Voices Against Violence Organization), Charlottesville, VA

“Coalmine,” a readers’ theatre performance, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY


“Ideation: Art as Inspiration for Creative Writing,” Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students at Chamblee Middle School, DeKalb County Public Schools, February 2013.

Students developing tableau of Romeo's line,
Students developing tableau of Romeo’s line, “O, that I were a glove upon that hand, That I might touch that cheek!” Heritage High School, Rockdale County, GA.

“Shakespeare and Readers’ Theatre,” Ninth grade students at Heritage High School, Rockdale County Public Schools, May 2010.

“Transpoemations” (digital storytelling). Ninth grade students at South Atlanta School of Computer Animation and Design, Atlanta Public Schools, May 2009.

“Theatre Games for Teambuilding.” Fourth grade students at Ford Elementary School, Cobb County, Georgia. May 2007.

“Image Theatre and Perspective-taking.” Tenth grade students at Bryan Station High School, Fayette County, Kentucky, February 2005.

“Fishbowl Discussions.” Tenth grade students at Henry Clay High School, Fayette County, Kentucky, February 2005.

“Image Theatre Workshop: ‘Evaluation.’” Graduate students in Reading in the Content Areas, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia, October 2002.

“For Poetry’s Sake: Image Theatre Workshop.” Ninth grade students at Albemarle High School, Albemarle County, Virginia, November 2002.

“Theatre of the Oppressed Workshop.” Graduate students in Multicultural Education, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia, November 2002 and May 2003.

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